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Depressed People of the Bible

Depressed People of the Bible


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Yes, many people in the Bible experienced depression just like we do today. Some were even suicidal, such as Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Judas, and King Saul. Others who experienced depression include David, Naomi, Martha and Mary, Ahab, and even one very surprising Individual. Some of the people successfully came out of the depression, others did not. In this very revealing book you will learn lessons from their lives to help you come out of the dark cave of depression and into God’s glorious Light.

• In reading this book you will be able to: • See what leads to depression. • Differentiate between normal “healthy” depression and dangerous harmful depression. • Learn about Dr Nedley’s 10 depression hits. • Identify which hits can be changed. • Hear examples of what works to come out of depression. • Experience freedom once again - permanently.

Hope is just a few pages away. Open this book and get started today on your journey out of the darkness into the Light.