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Come enjoy the lively Jewish liturgy & music, be inspired by the uplifting Torah sermon.

Beth-El Shalom livestream with Rabbi Jeff

Saturday at 1:00 PM ET join Rabbi Jeff for an interactive Shabbat virtual meeting right from the comfort of your favorite chair.  We will be discussing this week's parasha Levitcus 1:1 through 5:26.

You can join with or without your own camera & mic. 


Click here to join us virtually.


Clicking the link may take you directly to the livestream,

or it may ask you to download – and walk you through a few short steps.  Sign in a few minutes early to make sure your system is working. 

You do not need a camera or a microphone, you can still communicate with me through typing into the chat, but if you want to be seen and heard use a camera (from your laptop, or phone, etc.) and mic.


Instead of me preaching to empty chairs and cameras we will sit down together from our own personal favorite chairs in our homes (or backyards) and literally discuss the Bible together.  If you don’t want to be seen you can have the video option turned off.  The same for the mic. 


To hear a sermon go to and using the search feature you will be able to watch any of the hundreds of sermons we have preached.



Every day new articles, videos, sermons, or recipes regarding Passover will be posted at  There will also be Israel election updates and Covid 19 updates.  Check in everyday for the newest posts.