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Jewish Discoveries
Jewish Discoveries | 004

22 fascinating chapters of biblical history and lessons plus 25 rich Jewish tradition sections, plus 27 powerful testimonies, plus over 40 beautifully rendered professional full color works of art all on 368 jam packed pages. Chapter titles: 1. Abraham a. Simcha torah 2. Jacob b. Shofar 3. Joseph 4. Moses the Deliverer 5. Moses the Temple Builder 6. Ultimate Passover c. Tu B'Shevat 7. Nice Jewish Boy 8. Moses and the Commandments d. Kiddush e. Havdallah 9. Moses the Torah Writer f. Tanak g. Kosher 10. Why Suffering h. Holocaust i. Tish b'av 11. Deborah, A Mother in Israel j. Shavout 12. David, King of Israel k. Shema l. Magen David 13. King Solomon, the Wise Man m.Bar Mitzvah n.Wedding o.Mezzuah 14. Jonah the Fisherman 15. The Youngest King of Israel p. Tzedakah Box 16. Daniel the Jewish Statesman q. Tallit r. Western wall 17. Daniel the Prophet s. T'fillin 18. The Ultimate Yom Kippur t. Kippah 19. The Ultimate Promised Land u. Kaddish v. Sukkot w. Israel independance 20. The Most Famous Jewish Person x. Mikvah 21. Esther the Queen y. Purim 22. Chanukah Testimonies by: Cliff Goldstein, Doug Batchelor, Steven Wohlberg, Dale Streisand, Alan Reinach, Sam Jacobson, Donna Anthes, Elfred Lee, Rachel Hyman, Phil & Joan Bova, Jeff Persitz, Sean Carney, Joshua Sink, Curtis & Sydel Jones, Alex Bolitnokov, Stevn Grabiner, Cyril Miller, Bob Quillin, and Jeff & Barbara Zaremsky
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